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    Plant Babies ShippingWe guarantee shipment of high quality plugs. Upon receiving your order open all of the boxes and inspect your plants. If you see shipping damage, please call and report this to us immediately. We will arrange for the plants to be picked up in their original shipping boxes.You may also refuse shipment if there is extreme damage to the plants and boxes.

    If there is a claim or return to be made, it is necessary to ship the plants back in the original shipping boxes. Orders are shipped on Monday and Tuesdays of the week. Our goal is to not have plants in transit on the weekends. All shipping will be 2-4 days depending on the carrier selected. All orders need to be placed by 11:45 AM Mountain standard time on Tuesday..

    Plant Babies ships to all 50 states. We ship Fed-Ex and UPS.

    Shipping: Remember that the shipping speed of your plants does not include the day your order is shipped.On a week including a holiday-shipping may be delayed until the following week.

    PLANT BABIES reserves the right to hold shipments due to extreme heat. Our plug trays are grown and shipped in a plastic plug tray. These trays are net wrapped. Scissors will be necessary to remove netting. The plants will be shipped on the dry side to prevent rotting during transit. Water immediately upon arrival.

    PLANT BABIES ships plugs from April 1- October 15.