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    Planting Sedums

    Single Planting- Plugs should be planted 6 inches apart for single plantings. Dig your hole twice as deep and twice as wide as your plug.  Water deeply.

    Total Coverage- Sedums are often used for walk ways, rooftops, or anywhere a low mass of plantings are needed.  To  get complete coverage use 3-4 plugs per square foot for complete coverage in 4 months.  Sedums do require irrigation like all plants, but are fairly drought tolerant.  Sedums like to be saturated 2-3 times a week during the hottest parts of the summer. Test your soil moisture by sticking your finger in the soil.  If you finger is dry it is time to water, if it comes out moist wait until the soil completely dries.  Sedums need to dry out in between waterings, to avoid disease and elongation of plants. Watch your plants.  If they become limp or a greyish color, they are stressed and need water. Fertilize all sedums and perennials with a slow release 14-14-14 perennial fertilizer for continual feeding throughout your summer.