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    Garden Tools

    Made from heavy-gauge steel, hand forged, and set into hand turned Black Walnut handles, this collection of garden tools is an example of fine American craft.  Each tool is built individually using traditional blacksmithing techniques and handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana.

    The Fisher Blacksmithing garden garden tool collection provides gardeners with high quality tools built in the United States with natural materials.  Designs for these tools are based on functional, time-tested implements found in traditional agricultural communities.  Steel is heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a  hammer.  All joinery is done using solid steel rivots.  And, each tool is set into its own hand turned handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with no welds.  American Black Walnut is used for handles.  The tight grain of this strong hardwood makes it very durable.  Best of all it just feels good in your hand.

    Here at Plant Babies we have been using these tools for years and absolutely love them!